Playschool Schnäggähüsli


to the playschool "Schnäggähüsli", located only 1 minute walk from the train station Köniz or the bus stop Köniz center.

Our goal is to create a safe and highly motivating learning environment that is warm and inviting. Children learn naturally through play. They can explore, ask questions and learn the German language. In addition, the activities provided promote fine and gross motor skills. The playschool offers a variety of activities, materials and equipment to choose from. We paint, glue, cut, sing and most importantly play together. Our goal is to activate the child's natural joy of learning and discover new dimensions.

Maxli und Quak


Maxli the hedgehog and Quak the duck are friends and accompany us through the playgroup day

Eingang ins Schnäggähüsli

Creating yourself creates self-confidence

Children want to be active, not busy. The focus is on free, carefree play with peers. The children learn to interact with each other, to make friends, to deal with conflicts, to accept defeat, to know their own limits and those of others, and much more.

Attending a playgroup is the ideal preparation for kindergarten.

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